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Tshamano Makhadi, multi-award winning South African
journalist and lecturer at the Department of Journalism,
is now part of the two highest decision-making bodies in
the media industry, SANEF and the Press Council of South
Tshamano Makhadi, Broadcast Specialist Lecturer at the Tshwane University of Tchnology’s Department of Journalism, is fast making his mark in the media industry. He has just been elected to serve on the Council of the South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) and as an adjudicator for the Press Council of South Africa. 

SANEF is a gatekeeping body for freedom of expression and press freedom. It advances quality in journalism and campaigns for ethics and diversity in South Africa’s media space. Members include editors, senior journalists and journalism trainers from all areas of the South African media.

The Press Council and its subsidiaries (Press Ombud and the Appeals panel) are independent, regulatory mechanisms set up by the print and online media to provide impartial adjudication to settle disputes between media outlets.

Makhadi is currently the Chairperson of SANEF’s Training and Education Portfolio Sub Committee. In this position, he will be involved in talks with the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), about curriculum development and recognitions of various trainers and training modules. He will also be responsible for the initiation of training for SANEF members and journalists in specific fields such as, ethics, science journalism and the production of material around a number of subjects, including, media’s interface with the police and courts.

“Ironically, the current Ombudsman, Dr Joe Thloloe, was my Editor in Chief whilst I was still a journalist at eNCA. Dr Thloloe is one of the most respected journalists in the continent with over 50 years’ experience. He is in the same league as Dr Mathatha Tsedu, the current Executive Director of SANEF. Dr Tsedu is my childhood role model. I grew up reading his articles, and I consider him as a brilliant writer of his generation and our time. Working with these towering figures of the profession truly humbles me. I am also grateful for the support and leadership the Department of Journalism continues to provide.”

Dr Lizette Odendaal, HoD: Journalism Department, said: “Makhadi’s close relationship with the media is one of the reasons why the TUT Journalism course remains relevant and respected in the highly competitive industry. He is fast becoming an industry leader on the South African broadcast media scene.”

“Makhadi is destined to play a pivotal role in the unfolding changes in the media, both in the academic sense and in practice,” said Dr Tsedu, who has witnessed Makhadi’s growth in the media industry. He has known Makhadi since he was a journalist at eTV and they collaborated closely when Dr Tsedu was the head of the Media24 Journalism Academy.

He described him as always being a cautious and dependable journalist. “He holds an important position as the Chairperson of the Training and Education Portfolio Sub Committee of SANEF. It is an important position that fulfils SANEF’s mandate of ensuring high standards of journalism which come through ongoing training,” he concluded.

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