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Charity begins at home, which was the driving force behind the Tshwane University of Technology’s Institutional Student Representative Council’s (ISRC) R1 Million donation from their annual budget towards addressing the financial needs of students. 

From this, a total of R500 000 will be allocated to the TUT Bursary and Scholarship Fund, and the other R500 000 towards the Assist-a-Student programme, under the guardianship of Student Affairs and Extra Curricular Development (SAED).

Founded in 2011, The Assist-a-student programme was established by Student Affairs and Extracurricular Development (SAED) to help alleviate some of the non-academic challenges faced by students. Through the programme, financially deserving students receive a stipend every month to help them buy personal necessities and beat some of their financial difficulties.

Initially the programme provided disadvantaged students with groceries. However, after a thorough re-evaluation, a different approach was implemented, where a monthly stipend is deposited into the “Fundi” student card. 

All students who apply for help from the Assist-a-Student programme, are vetted to ensure that they qualify for the funding.

According to President General of the ISRC, Hendrick Masunda, the aim of the initiative is to visibly live the TUT value, Duty of Care, creating awareness of the importance of personal and institutional. He added that this initiative could contribute positively towards the creation of such a culture among members of the TUT community. He emphasised that every cent will help to make a difference in alleviating students’ financial challenges.

Masunda added that this visible gesture of commitment to the University and its students is also aimed at stopping student protest and disruptions due to lack of student funding.

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