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Dumisani Chauke, proud finalist of the prestigious
G-Sport Awards.
Dumisani Chauke, Sport Organiser at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Directorate of Sport and Recreation, says she lives by the motto: “all things are possible”. Dumisani is the finalist in two categories (Woman and Coach of the Year) of the prestigious G-sport awards that are aimed at promoting South African women in sport. 

These awards have been running since 2006, when Atlanta Double Olympian gold medal winner Penny Heyns was inducted as the inaugural G-sport Hall of Fame recipient. This was 10 years after she became the first double Olympic gold medal winner for South Africa.

Chauke, who is a former SA Netball player, said she has been in the administration of the sport for nine years, starting at the tender age of 20. According to Chauke her experience as a player has helped her to better understand the game as a manager and coach.

Speaking about her two nominations at the G-sport awards, she said it is like an outer validation for the sacrifices she has made in her journey. “It is like a recognition for the efforts I have invested,” she said. She adds that she owes all the achievements to her mother who has always been supportive throughout her sports journey.

Chauke admits she is driven by the fear of failure because she’s a perfectionist. She urges women to grab all opportunities presented before them. “What we think are limitations are actually opportunities waiting for us,” she added.

Fikile Mbalula, South Africa’s Minister of Sport and Recreation, said: “Over the years, the G-sport Awards have grown to the benefit of women. Our partnering with these excellence recognition awards is part of our sport developmental agenda to see the playing field levelled, with equal opportunities to all.”

“This year, again, the G-sport Awards will be an event that celebrates and honours women in sport,” he added.
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